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accelerateUHC (Universal Healthcare Coverage)

Now you can accelerateUHC as paid and unpaid involve-e, volunteer and or intern. Get Involved / Volunteer / Intern as/with ADRA Kenya to accelerateUHC by:

  • Nominating potential beneficiaries for UHC (ie Medical Cover, Reusable Sanitary Towels, Toilets & Rainwater Harvesting Systems);
  • Securing measurable participation of other organisations in the ‘accelerateUHC’ campaign; and,
  • Enabling beneficiaries to get medical services.

Get Involved as Paid Volunteer / Intern

Individual and family businesses have or want to have connections with nominees and nominators –– they are more than happy to accelerateUHC. National and international chains, on the other hand, often have a strong social or community support ethos as part of their corporate policy, providing free or subsidised goods and services – and sometimes funding too – for local community initiatives.

Businesses operate as part of communities and hold as much of a stake in supporting local community and promoting civic pride as the locals themselves.

Be one of those that inform organisations about opportunity to accelerateUHC.

Terms and conditions

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This is your chance to take that life-changing adventure, find your purpose in service, create life-long friendships, and see faith in a new, transformative way. ADRA Connections is ADRA’s short-term volunteer program that takes you into the field to put compassion into action and make an impact for communities in need. No experience necessary!

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